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November 20, 2005

Furniture, Birds and Figures Continued

art 006.jpg

So, the beginning of "furniture." I've got a table, working on a stool...I have no idea where this is coming from. Just a need to be painting something in order to have my creative juices...juiced. I'm in a place where my usual inspirational faucet seems tapped. So, in lieu of not painting, I'm attempting to paint anything to keep my brushes wet, my mind busy, and a lesson learned with each finished art piece.

Now, the birds are coming along. I'm taking more pictures to learn the different positions birds have - which eventually will dictate the mood, and diversify the personalities and situations they find themselves in. This one is in the works...he remains nameless for the time being, but he's cute as a button - just needs a few touches here and there, and some ground work.

art 004.jpg

November 15, 2005

Furniture, Birds and Figures

That's been the status quo as of late. Just busy work to get me to some higher ground...it's been a few weeks...(months?) since I've really planted my feet solidly in the studio. It's been rough. No ideas, no inspiration...which is crazy, because inspiration is everywhere, in everything, every person I meet. Usually.
I've heard about these spells of indescribable silence. Not a whisper can be heard from my fingertips. I'm sure this is a time for me to be doing something else....but WHAT?
My goal tonight is to work. Work on something or multiple somethings that I can photograph, be proud of, look at and maybe even hang. It's almost 9pm.
Ok. Ready, set, go.

I'm actually pretty excited. I haven't had this much energy in such a long time! It is so easy to take for granted the little things in life - like ...having energy to do stuff. Ok, back to the drawing board.

November 4, 2005

Trying Something Different

i'm starting with a canvas that has already presented many images. It has been painted over and over...and...over. I'm shooting for a final painting. But instead of white-washing it to start anew, I am going to paint into what is already there. See how that pans out. Here is the before picture...this has gauze on the bottom, which has proven to be difficult to paint over. Although I do like the effect, we'll see what happens when it is there, not for a particular purpose, but as an additional medium.
new pics 005.jpg

And after some time, some thought, some watching movies with beautiful artwork in the background, some inspiration from past work and present inertia....we get something like this:


Yea. I apologize for the blurry photo, first of all, and second of all, this one is going to take a while, I can feel it. I will try to capture every move I make on it, for purely selfish reasons, because although I feel that this piece is going to be a challenge, I hope to see the development and how it shapes itself.

I've just recently been to Arizona. To meet up with a man that I adore. The scenes from the wing of the airplane, going over Utah was spectacular. Out of all the photographs I took of bushes, and catcti, and birds and people; the ones over Salt Lake City have captured my interests the most. This painting is going to get some of that inspiration. I'm very excited about the end result, and even more excited about the process.

I'm starting partiallly over. Here is the before picture. Before the after and the after and the during and the before the before:


I recently took a trip to Tucson, Arizona to meet up with a wonderful man. I took many pictures - but one that sticks with me is the photo from the plane window over Salt Lake City, Utah. There are these rings of color that resemble vinyl records embedded in the topography. The guy next to me on the plane said that they were water purifying tanks to make the Great Salt Lake drinkeable. A guy in downtown Chico told me it was most likely circular fields, as he sat halfway-in and halfway-out of the passenger side of my car. I have yet to look it up. For now, those two answers are enough for me.
So, the concept is of geographical circles or "manscaping" of Salt Lake City. And that of an accidental bush on a hill that appeared all of a sudden when I turned the painting on it's side. I'm painting these circles with the same fervor I painted "bulls-eyes" a year ago. It's always nice to have something to obsess about.

November 3, 2005

Still trying to figure this all out...

I took a bit of a break from painting, and now I'm back. I'm replacing the stolen miter saw, bulking up on 2 x 4s, and will go give Gates Resale a big chunk of change for canvas.
This weather is wonderful - it feels good and cold in the studio, which always makes me work harder to stay warm!
I'm still trying to figure out how to post pictures on the site, and I hope to have this figured out soon, but I appreciate everyone's patience and thank you callers!
Happy November!