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Furniture, Birds and Figures Continued

art 006.jpg

So, the beginning of "furniture." I've got a table, working on a stool...I have no idea where this is coming from. Just a need to be painting something in order to have my creative juices...juiced. I'm in a place where my usual inspirational faucet seems tapped. So, in lieu of not painting, I'm attempting to paint anything to keep my brushes wet, my mind busy, and a lesson learned with each finished art piece.

Now, the birds are coming along. I'm taking more pictures to learn the different positions birds have - which eventually will dictate the mood, and diversify the personalities and situations they find themselves in. This one is in the works...he remains nameless for the time being, but he's cute as a button - just needs a few touches here and there, and some ground work.

art 004.jpg


Hi honeybuns

just stopping by to say nice site and thank you for your posts; are you getting your flow back? hope i find you well


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