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December 30, 2005

Painting up to 14 hours a day

I've been painting quite manically as of late. I find my peak time is in the evening, for whatever reason - and then I taper off around 3 or 4 in the morning. I'm sleeping in really late, but the rain outside encourages it. Who wants to get up early when it's pouring outside? I believe it's a scientific fact that the bed gets more comfortable and soft when there is a storm outside. Or if one has to get out of it at any particular time of the morning. So, I don't. It's going to be one hell of a habit to break when I decide, or need to go get another job, but I guess I'll prepare for that when I have to. For now, my schedule works for me, I'm getting some good work together (finally) and I'm at peace with my own clock.

December 16, 2005

Trying Something Different cont.

Working with the bird's eye view of Salt Lake City...And as usual, my ability to concentrate on just one is thwarted by my need to work on 4 or 5. This is another attempt to abstract the "manscaping" - this vinyl record shape, complete with grooves...and, as usual, just another gig to get the scarlet red involved...

art 009.jpg

And another to see what it would look like on a smaller scale:

art 014.jpg

And again, on an even smaller scale....


Warmth in Winter

So, I’ve taken a few months off of the show circuit to collect myself and devote my time to building a quantity of paintings that reflect my desire to paint as opposed to the “pulling my hair out to meet deadline” series. It’s been slow, enjoyable, and I’m producing some new looks. Some new insight. It’s fulfilling and challenging. I’ve been offline for some time – which kind of halted my stints of writing (which is interesting because I should be able to write, whether or not I will be publishing it), but for some, unforeseen reason, I stopped writing.
Now I’m back, will be submitting some of my new work, and then it’s time to tackle my website, and the understanding of how to circulate my new work into the main galleries.

That bone-chilling cold is back. I enjoy bulking up for the cold – wearing fuzzy ski caps and layered clothes. There always feels like there is change in the air when it gets like this; like some icy slap across your face telling you to “SHAPE UP!” or “GET CRACKIN!” I don’t feel guilty about not going outside when it gets this cold. There is comfort in the paints staying wet longer, the warmth I can create in a painting against the harshness of the way my hands crack and bleed. There is romance in looking out the window into the foggy, grey 3 o’clock hour – and looking down onto an orange and yellow feathered art piece.

I feel welcomed back to my table, even though my vice looks at me closer than almost ever before. From a good 5 feet. It’s my TV. And now I have cable. I know I am in trouble, but I am enjoying it immensely. I don’t know how long I’ll allow it to last, but for now – I’m spending ALL my time in the studio. And I love it.