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June 25, 2006

Where I'm at; Where I was.

A little information on where I am currently showing:

Both Umpqua Banks here in Chico. They are all for sale, I am currently trying to fill in some spaces that have been left, but the ones that are there are sweet, and you should check them out if you have a minute, and ...Umpqua is a terrific local bank that you should check out as well.

The Wright Mortgage Company. 434 Broadway. Chico.

Salon Chic-o. 509 Main Street.Chico. Vince, the fantastic man and owner of this super hair salon, has blessed me with his wall space for going on 5 years! His most recent marvel (totally subjective, I know) is to give me permanent wall space, by comissioning me to paint a mural on his back wall. It's a challenge, and very exciting, and hopefully it will be done within the coming weeks. New mediums always mean great success and great failures. Both are learning experiences, and work wonders for more focus.

Nantucket Design Studio289 Clifford Drive North in Lake Almanor. It's brand new, and who wouldn't like to take a day trip or even a camping trip to that area? The water's beautiful and flowing and crystal clear along Deer Creek, and there is always Lake Almanor itself. Nantucket Design is just appearing on the scene, the venue is beautiful, we all know what they bring to the table with their rugs and awesome furniture, and they can make your house look just as enviable as all their delicious window designs. In fact, they are having their Grand Opening on Saturday - July1st - 4pm until ?.... There will be food, refreshments, and a band!

I was cleaning my office, to make it more of a workplace and less of a landfill, when I found this photo. This is when things really go started. Spring of 2002. My first Open Studios Tour with The Chico Art Center, my first CoBa board - selling for the most I've ever dreamed of any of my work selling - at the auction. I clearly remember being VERY intimidated by the size of that board. Good times.

when it got started.jpg

June 5, 2006

Napster, Acrylics, and the ever present longing for False entertainment

Removed the TV from the Studio.
It's tough to not have the mindless interaction while working - to have comforting noises coming from the tube - making me laugh, drift...get glued. But it's tough getting up at a decent hour. It's tough not to binge after 8pm. It's tough not to leave all my clothes on the floor. It's tough not to have a drink before 9am...but some things we must do.
All the hours spent holding a cig in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, while watching endless amounts of Frasier or America's Funniest Home Videos, will be spent listening to music, working, inspired by the emotion and lyrics, as opposed to fighting the urge to stop and watch, I will instead go and create. I just burned a couple of cd's off of Napster, and hope to figure out how to connect long cables from my office to the studio, so that I can listen to streams of free music instead of cds.