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New beginnings...

Well, I've landed safely and happily in the town of stumps. I'm approaching the first 2-weeks-mark, and it's been crazy and beautiful and I have not painted ONCE. My studio was set up by the third day ( I've never been one to feel comfortable without my tools on hand) and there everything sits.

The outdoors have been calling and so have books and.. organizing everything on my computer that has eluded me for so many years now. I remember the chaos that would occur when I couldn't find something or had to cross seven bridges, jump through hoops, and beg to the heavens to do so. I'm well on my way to having a computer that is my pal and not my nemesis. It's amazing what some cleaning up and taking inventory and checking in will do. I'm not completely there yet, but I feel like this time in my life....it demands it. And it is so much more exciting than being disorganized and maladjusted and checking out.

I'm going to go force myself to get on my just-tuned-up bicycle and peddle around. It's a beautiful day, finally. The sun is warm, the weather is perfect. Breeze. Coffee down the street. And a community treasure shop a ways over.

Break time. Maybe you should go outside too. Join me!

Good to be back.