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June 9, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring,

my work is, exploring...

I find myself standing and pacing a great deal more than usual. The strong call to paint is more like a veiled whisper. As I have been explaining it, it is like the ending of a relationship. My mind wants out - is ready to move on; my heart is still attached. I feel distant some days - not even considering taking up a brush, and yet others are spent tangled up for hours, spilling laughter and tears on canvas - not wanting it to end. There is that strong need for it, a passionate embrace, before releasing it for good and having something else take its place.

I am working pretty solidly for my maiden voyage as an artist at Hunt & Gather, which I am totally stoked about (work should be there by mid-June) and then it's one last hurrah to get prepared for at Double Mountain Brewery in Hood River before I take my "sabbatical" from being a full-time artist.

I know. We can all plan our lives, make lists, try to achieve a standard that we have dreamt up in our minds, and come to see that the cards fall as they may. I am planning to take a year off from painting. Painting as much that is. I would like to make an honest attempt at finding some work that I love and that I am good at, and then coming home and painting every once-in-a-while. I want to bring back the romance and the urgency of not having enough time with it. We are going to stop seeing each other exclusively and then we will start dating again as different people with new life experiences – in a manner of speaking.

I am looking forward to finding something exciting and new to do. To bring home a steady paycheck for the first time in a long time. I am ready to go to sleep when I am supposed to in order to get up early enough to arrive on time, and I am ready to meet people on the job. I am ready to have real time off and work for someone else.

I will be working on making prints of my work and will let you know which pieces are large enough for reproduction when I do.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has purchased, commented on, admired or desired my work. You have made this dream come true.