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The sun is trying to make an appearance, but the grey is holding it at bay.

It's been too dark to take pictures and too wet to make new frames for canvases. I've been using what I have and reusing what I've made along with a few trips to the Rebuilding Center for more wood.
I've met a lot of deadlines for shows around here in Portland without snapping pictures of them. I KNOW.
Well, I'm shooting some newer work today - because I know that the sun will prevail, if only for a few minutes, and that's all I need.
Also..I would just like to put it out there, that I have online art sales on Facebook. They are usually smaller pieces and they are ALWAYS under $200, and a great deal of the time under $100. If you would like in on these sales, please add me - just look for Caitlin Schwerin - or, if you would rather, Artwork by Caitlin.
Now have yourself a blissful day.