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April 24, 2011

It was beautiful yesterday...

Sunny and warm and it stayed like that until about 7 or 8pm. Everyone was out. Everyone was smiling. I noticed neighbors I'd never seen before. Suddenly we were all migrating to the wooden gate where we talked about dirt and seeds and seasons. We all chose our plots for the community garden, and some people even started shoveling rows. It was like a little slice of heaven.
I got a lot of good work done! The happy-busy-ness of everyone really inspired me to work with more focus. And the change in weather was uplifting. Spiritually. Emotionally. Physically.
I woke up late this morning. My window was wide open and I could hear the rain outside, which is such a seductive lullaby. ...When I woke again, this time to actually start the day, it was cold. It is cold. I'm going to take a shower and get this day started. First, though: a picture of my first tulip. She grew from dirt that was hard and rocky, she withstood the dowsing of pesticide when she was just a bulb, and although there were 7 others that were to line this bit of ground outside my front door, there stands only one strong tulip.

April 20, 2011

Friday, May 13th at 11am. Cafe au Play Meet and Greet!

Come join me on Friday, May 13th at 11am for a Moment to Meet the Artist whose work has been showing at Café au Play these past few months. Her name is Caitlin, she likes to paint, and she would love to meet you!

This will be a closing reception, as another artist is being summoned to adorn the walls and keep the variety alive!

If there is a painting you have been admiring, dreaming of, pining for – but due to taxes, the economy, your children - you just can’t afford it, I welcome payment plans and I’m also approachable if there is a more feasible price you would like to discuss.

Here is a link to photos of my work in the cafe --> Pictures

April 18, 2011

Art Reception in CHICO! May 7th at Monk's Wine Lounge & Bistro!!!!

Hello everyone!

Today is a beautiful day - the sun is out, the taxes are done, the birds are chirping and I am working on some magnificent new paintings for my upcoming show at Monk's in Chico. There will be big ones - big enough to fill that space that's always needed that certain something, and medium ones for just a splash of color and sentiment to fill your homes. I am also going to make small little pieces called Caitlettes - which I'll be selling from a bin, in the Lounge, that you can take home with you that very night!

Plus - Music from Mood: Swing - a beat that will make toes tap, your hips sway, and your finger snap. Pam and Robert, I can't wait!!

The show will be up for the summer - I believe I'll be taking the show down in August, but May 7th from 7pm - 9pm (although I'll be there earlier to see anyone who feels like having a glass of wine and a look-see with me) a Big Art Event and a Good Time is taking place.

I'll be sending out information via email this week and please, spread the word!