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July 12, 2014

Trees, Maps, Brushstrokes and Sea-foam Green.

Something happened a couple weeks ago.

I was tidying up my studio to start work, and I ran across my old Portland map. It was tattered and torn and came apart in my hands as I was picking it up. Now, I'd always thought about using maps in my work, but maps are so precious. And I use the ones I have. All two of them.

So it was obvious that the time had come. There were a few paintings I either had issues with, or was no longer communicating candidly with - which means they were no longer being worked on, but were on my mind. I gently tore that map into little bits and applied them to a couple of those paintings. And...Oh My Gosh. It was like a party - lots of happy dancing and clapping...excited squeals... In fact, after my first one, Durham, OR, I kind of went bananas and have been bananas ever since.

Although painting in the lines and using rulers is part of my artistic make-up; NOT painting in the lines is great for the spirit!! And AAA is going to be getting a lot of my business concerning maps.

Plus there are so many possibilities! Places I've been, places I want to go - places YOU have been or want to go or to remember...It's all so romantic. And maps are so pretty and tangible and direct. All things I enjoy.

Here is one that used to be Luminositrees. A particular painting I struggled with and loved and didn't know what to do with. It is now in my bedroom and I love it so much I could marry it.

It doesn't have a new name yet. But that's ok. I'm too busy working on other pieces to give it the attention it needs for name-saking. And I'm perfectly happy with it hanging namelessly on my wall!

 photo e9ae1664-057b-4b25-ab87-f690d7b954fb_zpsa60544c9.jpg